Shipping Information

How do we send packages?

Our shop cares about customers safety and security. We have a team of experts who ships world wide discreetly. We pack the packages carefully with tungsten and carbon papers to skip through customs x-ray machines at airports. Parcels are beautifully packed with gift papers from outside.

We have dedicated customer support team that is available anytime to serve you. You can ask anything anytime and you will get response from our staff immediately (ASAP). Customer support may could be a bit delayed on Sundays. We process orders quickly to make possibly faster international deliveries.

What is the shipping time for International Air Mail?

Asia India 8 days
Indonesia 8 days
Vietnam 10 days
Rep. of Korea Seoul 5 days
Singapore 4 days
Sri Lanka 8 days
Thailand 7 days
Taiwan 6 days
China Shanghai 7 days
Beijing 7 days
Hong Kong 6 days
Pakistan 8 days
Bangladesh 11 days
Philippines 10 days
Malaysia 7 days
Oceania Australia 7 days
New Zealand 6 days
North America Canada Vancouver 6 days
Montreal 7 days
United States of America San Francisco 8 days
Chicago 5 days
New York 7 days
Los Angels 6 days
Mexico 5 days
Middle East United Arab Emirates 6 days
Iran 11 days
Saudi Arabia 12 days
Turkey 13 days
Europe Italy 8 days
United Kingdom 6 days
Austria 5 days
Netherlands 6 days
Switzerland 6 days
Sweden 5 days
Spain 9 days
Denmark 4 days
Germany 5 days
Hungary 7 days
Finland 5 days
France 8 days
Belgium 6 days
Poland 8 days
Russian Federation 9 days
Africa Egypt 9 days
Ghana 9 days
South America Argentina 7 days
Brazil 9 days
Peru 6 days
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